Two Golf Tips For Beginners

While teaching my golf lessons, the shot I get the most questions about from my beginners is the high flop shot. But why do you want to hit that shot? Students see Tiger or Phil make this shot and don’t realize that golf pros do not make this shot often. They also have different conditions on the PGA Tour than we do.

Tips for Beginners

So tip #1 – I would recommend hitting that flop shot about once every 100 rounds for three reasons:

1. That shot is extremely difficult.

2. We don’t have the talent or the time to practice that shot.

3. We do not need to hit that shot.

Even playing at TPC Craig Ranch where the course conditions are perfect and the greens are really fast, the conditions are still not the same as on the PGA Tour tournament week.

There is a much easier flop shot that is not nearly as risky and is perfect for the everyday player. This shot is called the slide.

Tip #2 – opt for the slide whenever possible.

To play the slide, set up like you would for a bunker shot with a wide stance, face open, weight 50/50, and hands level with or slightly behind the ball. You can vary the height of the flop based on your setup. The higher you want to hit the ball, the wider your stance will get, the further away you get, and the more you open your clubface at address. From this position you want to reduce all wrist hinge on the backswing and lock your triceps to your chest. Turn back and through with your chest, keeping your arms straight and locked all the way through the shot. The faster you turn your chest, the farther the ball will go.

There are some limitations to this shot. You can’t use it from long distances and you will not be able to use it to go over trees. However, because you are controlling this shot only with your chest, it will be very easy to control the distance of your shot – a key element when playing delicate shots.

The slide flop shot is one of my favorite shots to teach students in my golf lessons because of the smiles I see when they hit it properly. This shot is like riding a bike. Once you get it, you are set. Use this shot instead of the wristy flop you see on TV and you will increase the chances of pulling off a flop.

Keep em Long and Straight,

CJ Goecks

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