Student Golf Swing Analysis

Take a look at the below golf swing analysis video and the improvement my student experienced after submitting his swing to me for analysis.

In this video, you will see I compare his technique to the legendary Tiger Woods.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Some key concepts we cover that I know will help you too…

* Getting the arms and the back swing parallel
* The importance of head positioning
* Achieving the desirable club angle
* Re-positioning the body for ideal efficiency and power

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4 comments on “Student Golf Swing Analysis
  1. hasse says:

    How on earth can you show the videos wrong. Woods is right handed!!!!!

    • CJ Goecks says:

      I think we all know that Tiger is right handed, but the student is left-handed therefore I switched Tiger to left handed to make it easier for the student to understand. Does this make sense? As an insiders member you can send your swing to me each month for analysis and if your a right hander then I will choose a right handed player to compare you to.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  2. How is it that tiger is hitting it left handed in the demo above?

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Roger W Smith,
      Thanks Roger for the question. I switched Tiger to left handed using a golf analysis software (v1). I did this for the left handed player to make it easier for him to understand.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

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