Stop Your Slice

Stop Your Slice and other Swing Faults with one Simple Drill – L to L

A major swing flaw for amateur golfers is the slice.  One drill that helps correct that flaw is my L to L drill.  It is simple to do and helps correct many bad habits in your swing that may be causing a slice.  This drill will also help fix other common issues and can get your swing aligned.  The reason I like this drill so much is because it can be done anywhere.  On the range, at your house, or during a round.  Try it and stop slicing the ball today.

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2 comments on “Stop Your Slice
  1. Paul Petros says:

    James Kovac and L to L was great ! Can’t wait to get to the range. His drill is exactly what I need to improve my game. I practice bad. habits at the range bad swing plain etc. I like listening to James Kovac How can I get more tips from him ?? Thanks Paul Petros

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Thanks Paul for the kind words. Let me know how you do on the range. James is my C.O.O. but the videos are coming from me.
      Keep me Long and Straight,

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