PGA Championship Week

Wow! What an exciting time for the game of golf. We almost witnessed InBee Park become the first golfer to win four straight majors in the same season at last weeks Women’s British Open.

And Tiger flirts with 59 on his way to winning at Bridgestone.

So will we see one of the things I believe has been missing in golf this year?

Can Tiger actually pull off a win this weekend and secure himself a Major win in 2013?

Tiger has won five tournaments this year and while he will be in contention at the PGA, I must admit, I’m not as confident in him as I have been in other tournaments.

He has some serious challenges facing him this weekend with guys like Adam Scott and Phil Mickelson in the mix. Not only did Scott win at Augusta, but he has played solid in the other majors too. And you can’t possibly discount Phil. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Despite my shake in confidence, I’m still rooting for Tiger. I love a good competition, and watching him go after Nicklaus’ record of 18 Major wins makes it that much more exciting to watch. He has won 79 PGA Tour events and will surpass Snead on the all-time tour wins. And let’s be serious, his 14 Majors is quite impressive as well. He truly is a great player.

So for this weekend, I’m putting my money on Tiger. I would love to see Tiger and Rory 8 shots ahead of the field battling it out, though I don’t think Rory has it in him this year.

Who are your picks? I picked just one for this weekend, so you do the same. Share your horse with me in the comment section below.

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44 comments on “PGA Championship Week
  1. Dave Matusek says:

    I’m going with lee Westwood need to finish day 4 buddy

    • I will agree, it is exciting to watch Tiger
      play, however, I think he has had his share
      of time in the spotlight, both for his good
      play and for his misdeeds. I would like
      to see some new blood take the stage and
      pull off another exploit like John Daly did
      some years ago. I don’t know who that may
      be, I will leave that to the golf gods, but I
      think it would be good for golf. I am sure it
      will be an exciting tournament no matter who
      the lucky individual is, good luck to all !!!

  2. Dave Matusek says:

    Lee Westwood. Must finish day 4 to win a major

  3. Stoffel van den Heuvel says:

    I’ll go for Phil.
    He keeps his patience under pressure contrary to Tiger.

  4. Roy Harman says:

    I’m rooting for Tiger for the same reasons as you. His quest for majors is good for golf and his continued excellence has forced many great young players to “raise the bar.” I believe that Tiger has put such tremendous pressure on himself that he tends to over swing, especially with his driver and that seems to be when he gets himself in the most trouble.

  5. Dustin Brown says:

    Brandt Snedeker

  6. Joe Hill says:

    How many fairways did Tiger hit with his driver at Firestone? Driving accuracy and length will be crucial this week, so I’ll stick my neck out and predict Hunter Mahan has his major break through week.

  7. Marshall Crisman says:

    He seems to have learned a lot from the reaction of the golfing world to his character failure. He’s more friendly with the crowds now, which shows he can relate with ‘the common folk’. That is a big step in demonstrating humility. Only time will tell if he learned the big lesson in losing his family and contracts.

    He is a great golfer regardless of his misdeeds as a human. He deserves a second chance – everybody does. What he is doing seems to be working. But, if he returns to previous activities there should not be a third chance.

  8. Dean says:

    I am picking Henrik Stenson.

  9. Rene says:

    Would like to see DJ win a major. Maybe Keegan, many good finishes this year.

  10. Jamie Indek says:

    Im going with Hunter Mahan. 2 times in the final pairing at a major this year. Plus I think he will be energized to win after becoming a new father.

  11. Steve Rosenberg says:

    Hey CJ,

    I like you, think Tiger is due for another major, but you asked me to pick one horse and I’ll go with Hunter Mahan. Might be rough coming back off of the birth of his daughter, but he’s my pick.


  12. Steve Taylor says:

    I’m going way out there and say Zach Johnson

  13. Brian Galloway says:

    “El Pato” Angel Cabrera is the man when it comes to the majors. He is never far away, playing more in the States this year than ever before, knows how to rise to the big occasions, cool as a cucumber under the pump, look no further.

  14. Carol says:

    I am voting for Tiger as well, he was awesome at Bridgestone.

  15. Tony McGuin says:

    I will go for Adam Scott to win with Rory McIlroy runner up.

  16. Les McArthur says:

    I fancy that Martin Laird will come up with the goods one of these days and as he plays on the US tour lots I think this could be his time. I would love to see a Scot win a Major but maybe Im just a wee bit bias.

  17. Dave says:

    I am rootng for Tiger as well. I watched him on the weekend and he was in the zone on thursday and Friday but my concern is that he somehow seems to have lost that sharpness, that edge that made him LETHAL in the last two rounds in the past. I cannot see Phil doing it as he doesn’t have the mental will but he has the game to do so. Phil was actually nowhere in the British open but like the proverbial outsider in the derby horse race once he turned the corner and saw the finish line he came into the staright and took the field by storm and by surprise. the difference was a couple of absolutely brilliant shots that made the difference. With Tiger, it was a couple of very poor choices on the course and very poor putting that did it. Breaking 59!!! he let at least 4 putts go.

  18. Hans Henrik Brandt says:

    Thorbjørn Olesen – he will have a special motivation this week.

  19. Alberto says:

    Hi CJ

    My money’s on Henrik Stenson. He’s very much in form and is just inches away from a good win. He’s just done a 3rd, 2nd and 2nd place in consecutive tournaments. He’s shot up to no.11 in the World Rankings and is leading the European Tour money list (Race to Dubai).The boy from Sweden is looking very good.

    I predicted he would win the Open Championship and he came close. He is surely overdue a BIG win… And if he doesn’t win it, he will be up there in the thick of the fight.

  20. Jon Lundberg says:

    No male Swedish golfer has ever won a major.Parnevik was very close at BO Turnberry but lost on the last hole mainly because he ignored the leaderboard showing he was 2 strokes ahead of the field.
    I think the time is now and I pick Henrik Stenson

  21. Ben Mead says:

    I’m going for a,’lefty’, as I think this is where one of them will come good.

  22. Damon Adkins says:

    My pick is Lee Westwood. He is due to when a major.

  23. Mike West says:

    It is my belief that Phil Mickelson. He has the short game and putting skills to get the job done.

    If the greens are as fast and unpredictable as discussed on the Golf Channel last night. Then it should be Phil’s week.

  24. I like Bradley. He finished well at Firestone and will win if he keeps the ball in the fairway.

  25. Roger Rosenberger says:

    Angel Cabrerra has been lurking in majors. could be his time

  26. GregJ says:

    Hoping it is Tiger. He only needs one major to get back on track. Once he does that, Jack’s record will fall.

  27. Williewonka says:

    (1). I believe that Tiger has finally came to terms with his prior boo-boos.
    (2). We almost saw the “old” Tiger at Firestone when he was once 8 strokes ahead of the field and everyone was (once again) playing for 2nd place.
    (3). I think he feels time closing in on him to break Jack’s major record.
    (4). If Tiger can putt at the PGA, he wins.
    (5). Did I mention that Tiger makes EVERY putt he strokes when he takes 4 to 4.3 seconds after settling his feet just before his takeaway and impact with the putter head and misses 1/2 to 1 ball right when he takes 4.5 to 5.2 seconds???

    • CJ Goecks says:

      What? have you been timing Tiger? That would be interesting and I know in the past Tiger’s pre-shot routine was timed over a 100 times and he was within a half a second each time. It would be interesting to see if this has changed.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  28. don says:

    I’ll put my money on “Sneeeeadeker”. Accuracy off the tee will be important and I think he’s healed up and back into his early season form. And the man can flat out putt, which will be a huge factor this weekend.

  29. arthur walsh says:

    well CJ I don’t know about you BUT as I am no1 fan of RORY I still give him a good chance. I would prefer him to sack NIKE and use his different
    clubs. and please everyone leave him and Caroline out of comments when we only need to talk about golf. I think the pressure of him being signed by NIKE with the help of TIGER WOODS needs to be abolished and
    allow RORY the privilege of being the person he naturally is.
    good luck RORY in all your golf tournaments. Arthur walsh.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Arthur Walsh,
      Thanks Art for the blog post and I agree that we need to talk about golf. Rory is one of my favorites. he is fun to watch.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  30. Dave Wallrauch says:

    this is David Toms time, he still has a Major in him and he’s fairly straight although not Tiger long but this course should suit him.

  31. John Kemp says:

    CJ: I’ve watched Tiger now for years and just cannot understand why his driver swing is so different to every other club. This trashing of the arms at lighning speed is so far from what’s required that I wonder why it continues. Doing the same thing over and over again with an expectation of a different result is insanity. How can anyone spend hours and hours perfecting a driver swing that is so inconsistent?
    If he does not change then his chances of additional majors will be confined to the Masters. US Open and PGA courses with their narrow fairways and heavy rough will continue to defeat him. He needs to replicate Adam Scott’s driver swing.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      John Kemp,
      Thanks John for the post and i agree with you except on one thing. Adam use to copy Tiger’s swing so tiger needs to go back and work on those fundamentals that he worked on with Butch Harmon.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

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