Open Mouth, Insert Foot

This past Tuesday Sergio Garcia was asked a question on whether he will invite Tiger Woods over to dinner during the U.S. Open. Sergio responded to the question by saying “We will have him ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”


Sergio later tried to say that he responded to a silly question with a silly answer. But this was not a silly answer, it was disrespectful. And even though Sergio has made several statements now apologizing and calling the statement inappropriate, the damage has been done. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Tiger responded by saying the comment was hurtful and inappropriate, but he took the high road stating that he feels Sergio’s apologies were sincere and that it was time to get back to golf and let bygones be bygones.

I first have to applaud Tiger in this situation. Sergio was out of line and if Tiger really wanted, he could push the situation and draw even greater attention to Sergio’s ignorant statement.

I personally have always liked Sergio for his honesty and candidness, but he has really crossed a line here. Sergio has an endorsement contract with Taylor Made and they have said that his comments were inappropriate, wrong, and that they will be deliberating on how to proceed.

If I had to guess, and I think it would be the correct move, Taylor Made will drop Sergio from their staff, and other companies will likely follow. This will certainly have a financial impact on Sergio.

This situation between Tiger and Sergio started out as a simple disagreement. In case any of you aren’t aware, Tiger pulled out a club while Sergio was about to hit, and it turned into a media frenzy that will now likely cost Sergio about ten million a year in potential endorsement contracts.

Sergio as well as other stars are in the spotlight. Kids and adults alike look up to these guys and although they are human, they are not paid to make boneheaded mistakes.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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138 comments on “Open Mouth, Insert Foot
  1. Gloria says:

    I think Tiger is a class act in his response to Sergio’s racist comment. I could care less if Sergio ever plays golf again- I won’t be watching him.

    • Leon says:

      I am not a racist I have a mixed race marriage with two beautiful what Garcia said is out of line and deplorable but Tiger a “class act” how soon we forget!!!!!!!!

      Ask his wife, children and the rest of the world how classy he really is.

      • John says:

        Tigers reply to Sergio was a “class act” by itself to a very insensitive
        response. But Tiger himself is not a class act. He is not well liked on
        the tour. He uses profane language often in front of galleries and
        children. He generally is a hard interview especially when he has a
        bad day or tournament and comes across often with a very pompous
        attitude. Most people are aware that Tiger can get away with a lot
        more than other tour members because of the $ he brings in from
        TV viewers. It will always be that way. I hope as he gets older he
        matures making it easier for many of us to accept him.

        • Ed Vogus says:

          Ignorance occasionally rises to the top…..even with celebrities. You can’t hide it when you have it.

        • Craig Bain says:

          Why are you not playing golf? You sound like a bunch of old men and women gossiping about nothing you know about. This kind of gossip has toppled countries; why do you think it would not topple the game of golf. I am 69 years young. I have seen what people can do and say to each other and it’s usually people who live in glass houses.
          Play golf, and leave this BS to the small minded people who will never grow up.

          • CJ Goecks says:

            Craig Bain,
            Thanks Craig for the blog post and I agree with you.
            Keep em Long and Straight,

  2. Richard says:

    Have you forgotten just a short time ago. Tiger had a problem with women and his marriage. We for gave him for all of his sins and now he’s playing well we put him back up on the pedestal. Tiger should talk to Sergio and let by gones be by gones …….

  3. Brian taylor says:

    I think this incident should be yesterday’s news. Let it go, Tiger made the right move by essentially accepting Sergoi’s apology. After all he was asking for forgiveness not long ago as well.

  4. Steve Meyer says:

    30 years ago if you made this comment you would be thought of as an ignorant racist. I can’t believe Sergio is really that stupid. What an idiot. I hope he gets booed every time he plays in the US and loses his sponsors. We have come to far in the US to have morons like Fuzzy and Sergio make racists comments to a guy that will someday be known as the best golfer ever, if he isn’t already the best.

    • Bill Oliver says:

      Steve Meyer:
      Tiger is a role model for thousands of kids, yet he continues to swear on the course, continues to spit on the course and throw clubs. He has absolutely no morals (ask his ex wife) he has no integrity, and yet you look up to him as a sporting great. When since was fried chicken associated with African Americans. With his arrogance and the people who are frightened to go against him, consider his attitude and give me Sergio any day.
      Bill Oliver. (Scotland)

  5. Peter sheldon says:

    Boy CJ you like hot water!
    For Sergio to give a silly answer to a silly question was okay in bad taste. But to be forced by his sponsors to make a grovelling apology to Tiger, a man who has left his morals in the deep rough quite a time ago.
    The bottom line here is that the world has gone mad with its political correctness. What happened to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It wasn’t long ago that comedians made a living telling jokes about different people and we all laughed. If people are going to rush to a compensation lawyer every time, I say , get a life..
    Peter Sheldon, England.

    • john thompson says:

      I agree.. political correctness is way out of control..and thinking about it. why did the interviewer ask such a dumb question if he wasn’t trying to create the problem in the first place?

    • Allan Yee says:

      It’s not about monetary compensation, it’s not about hurt feelings, it’s all about business. If Taylormade, or any other business were to lose revenue due to an employee making stupid comments, what would you do? Just go your merry way and let the guy embarrass your company? No, it was a stupid comment; and I really believe Sergio wasn’t being funny! He was jabbing Tiger Woods and trying to get under his skin. This time, it just backfired on him.

  6. Sethu says:

    I think Sergio made a terrible mistake by comments like that during the tour days & subsequently during he dinner.Tiger is fellow sportsmen and everything should dealt like sportsmen. Gracia is sour grape after all.He should understand that Tiger is just began play like himself after a long spell. We don’t need it.

  7. Brian says:

    Sergio’s earlier comments regarding Tiger’s club pulling (which has been proved to be sanctioned by a marshall) had already given me a bad feeling about Sergio’s motives. Very close to going over an acceptable line. He has shown his true colours, so now let him live with the consequences. His comments were not a mistake, not stupid, just disgusting.

  8. Bill Belisle says:

    Boys will be Boys! Sergio has to grow up.
    Tiger has held His composure perfectly.

  9. Kal Kaplan says:

    Sergio speaks before he thinks. That’s been proved over and over. His mind is not nearly as structured as Tiger’s, at least on and around the golf course. Off the course Tiger has proved his mind can be ruled by something else. Both are flawed humans.

  10. Dave Kelley says:

    I agree that Sergio’s comment was inappropriate.
    However, why take everything so serious?
    He was trying to be funny and it didn’t work out.
    Lighten up.

  11. RTP says:

    I knew Sergio was a jerk ever since his infamous spit in the cup routine. As far as I’m concerned, I could care less if he ever played again.

  12. Theodore Wong says:

    As members in the spotlight especially if we are deemed as role models, its always important to ensure what we do or say is in line with our stature as public figures. All it takes is a mistake to damage whatever we have worked for all these years. Tiger had his own issues, one that cost him his wife and the clean image he carried all those years. Similarly Sergio is talking from his heart and not his brain, and this cannot be righted so easily. Imagine we are still linking this to Fuzzy’s oversight some 16 plus years ago…

  13. Dave Ross says:

    It’s a shame for Serge, but it’s obvious what happened — he had a sudden serge of blood into his brain!

  14. Don Stevens says:

    I have a friend that was in the service that was stationed in Spain. He had told me that people in Spain are very rude so maybe Garcia is proof of what my friend told me.


  15. Jim says:

    Seems to me that we worry way to much about what we say to or about a black person. It was a simple joke. Given the reverse, say, yeah I’ll have Sergio over we’ll have cheese and crackers. Guessing it would have been laughed at and gone away just as fast.

    • Bearass says:

      We have all got to remember that Sergio’s 1st language is Spanish and he comes from Spain. The Spanish language is as different to us as English is to him. I am sure that Sergio was trying to be funny and being Spanish did not think about being politically correct, just as Foezzy Zellar was when he made a similar inappropriate comment regarding Tiger hosting the Master’s dinner. I am afraid that we all make throwaway comments from time to time without meaning to hurt or slander anyone, but sometimes we do and I think an apology is all that is warranted in most and this situation.Let’s all get on with life.

    • Marvin Gardner says:

      I agree 100%. If the media would leave this stuff alone it wouldn’t get so blown out of proportion.

      • htmarren says:

        I agree with CJ that the remark was in poor taste. But I also strongly agree with the majority of the golfers who have posted their opinions that the media representative is out of line for bringing up the subject at a European ryder cup dinner. It is like picking at a scab; the media people can’ let the subject die away!

        • CJ Goecks says:

          Thanks buddy for the blog post. I agree with you. Unfortunately the media loves these scandals as it gives them something to write about. I unfortunately have somewhat fallen into that category and I don’t want to. I am a golfer, but also people look to this website for not only instruction, but for news. I personally like Sergio. I think he has charisma and is a great player. I don’t know him personally just like I don’t know Tiger personally, but again let’s get back to golf.
          Keep em Long and Straight,

    • paul says:

      what happened..? did you move out of the country ? the “N” word … not allowed .. references to ethnic backgrounds are not in good taste.. that is short of politically correct.. in this instance there was already ” stuff” going on.. and “S” took it to another level.. you know it …..

  16. Dave Shead says:

    We have got to a ridiculous point where a food item is a ‘racist stereotype’. Tiger refused to accept Zoellers apology and ruined his career. Fuzzy was one of the most anti racist golfers around at the time. Now it appears that by not disarming the situation he intends to ruin another golfers professional life. Unfaithful good, bad taste jokes bad? Maybe Tiger believes Nikes slogan too much. ‘Winning makes it all ok’

  17. Je Vall says:

    I suggest you all get a life. We have gone to far down the Politically correct road.
    everything gets [put down to racism, dare not speak these days. I thin k Tiger Woods is no role model for anyone, He is arrogant with no decent standards why do you Americans think he is so wonderful?? Garcia seems to be a decent person leave him alone’

    • Martin says:

      I agree totally. We have to get a grip on things. What’s wrong with fried chicken? I love it. And to be more accurate, it’s reference is not to race of any color. The historical reference is to people of all colors who live South of the Mason Dixon geographical separation line in this country. It is their popular choice of meals more than any other. I prefer to be more accurate than politically correct.

    • Mitch says:

      Lol…really; decent. Goodness, he spit in the cup!!! Yuck, what’s decent about that?

    • Aaron says:

      Another idiot. Oh I know, your right, why are all those black people still upset about that racist slavery thing?! Just because you white folk stole these people from Africa and now it came around to bite you in the asss, don’t get mad. You kidnapped, raped, and forced them to work for you, and now they are taking over in everything – football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, the presidency, and soon to be hockey. Ha ha. Let me let you in on a not so little secret, there will always be racism, and it will NEVER be ok to tell jokes like Sergio did because of all of the above. Got that whitey?!!! ps- before you make another ignorant comment, I am not black.

    • I like Tiger as a wonderful golfer. Same as I despise Sean Penn, Matt Damon for their ideology but I like their acting.

    • John Black says:

      Absolutly agree with you. Tiger is an arrogant, selfish, indulged individual who has no idea of how to handle an intended joke. I love to watch PGA golf but when Tiger is in contention the TV is turned off! Love to watch Garcia.

      • CJ Goecks says:

        John Black,
        Thanks John for the blog post. I actually want to say that Tiger although he did say it was hurtful, he was quick to downplay the situation and said let’s get back to golf. Tiger knows what it is like to be on the other side of the media.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  18. Tim Murphy says:

    So you’ve always liked Sergios’ ” honesty and candidness”; you didn’t add,” but with conditions”. If what he said offends Woods, then let him defend himself. He could punch Garcia in the mouth, instead of letting a bunch of goons thinking they are being “politically correct”
    by defending him. Woods has no honor to defend; not after failing to
    disqualify himself for signing an incorrect scorecard a few weeks ago.

  19. albert says:

    reduced to an absurdity –thus revealing the relevance. So why dont we all go bezerk when some one refers to the irish and potatoes. you people are about to hit the wall at speed

    • Or talk about me and sauerkraut. I am a Kraut and have been called that many times when I first came to this country.

      • CJ Goecks says:

        Robert Kaspar,
        Thanks Robert for the blog post. I am sure you didn’t take offense to it. The problem is the media and they blow things out of proportion. I am not downplaying what Sergio said, but Tiger wants this behind him and that’s what we should do.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  20. jack ciampia says:

    i am a golfer and when i am getting ready to hit there are noises all over the course,,, traffic other golfers people yelling
    you block it all out and make your swing. i have never heard a player making as much noise when taking a club out of his bag as sergio claims. he is just trying to make excuses for his hatred of tigerif sergio wants complete quiet let him wear earmuffs…if sergio cannot stand it let him stay in spain and play the euro tour

    • Stan says:

      On the point of a player taking a club out and getting ready to play their shot…isn’t that what you’re SUPPOSED to do…be READY to play when it’s your turn?! You don’t wait for other players to make their shot B4 you take out your club and make your practice swings, etc. You get ready to play so you can keep up with the group in front and NOT slow down play for those behind.

      I believe what the disturbance was, was the crowd around Tiger whooping it up when he pulled his club. And that happened B4 Sergio made his backswing. He could’ve stopped and waited at that point if he was distracted by it.

  21. pete says:

    Sergio was asked a stupid funny question by that clown Steve Sands, he answered in jest it has being taken out of all proportion, then George o Grady the head of the European tour say’s the word “coloured” on Sky Sports and has to apologise, it all gone to far.

    • paul says:

      I would agree with if this had been the only gaffe that “S” had done .. spitting in the cup was worse than this and is not forgivable.. an idiotic move.. telling the media that if Tiger were out there it would have been called.. during an event when the weather turned sour.. he blamed it on Tiger.. the last on the the course gaffe when he accused Tiger.. that started this whole mess.. when tiger pulling the club and “S ” swinging were not at the same time.. . this kid is an idiot.. hate to watch him now and hate it when he opens his mouth

    • Graham Carruthers says:

      100 % correct! I’m a golf pro myself and at tournaments me and my fellow pro’s are constantly taking the pxss out of each other, this issue has been far to far out of proportion and hopefully it doesn’t affect Sergios career .Im also a big Tiger fan and he is by no means a little angel!

    • Gerry says:

      I agree with Pete………..Are you other people saying Tiger doesn’t like chicken…People need to stop kissing Tigers ass and yes I mean you CJ

      Tiger responded by saying the comment was hurtful and inappropriate
      What was hurtful and inappropriate????
      What was hurtful was the way he (Tiger)treated his wife and kids and the game of golf…

      • Stan says:

        “Are you other people saying Tiger doesn’t like chicken…People need to stop kissing Tigers ass… Tiger responded by saying the comment was hurtful and inappropriate
        What was hurtful and inappropriate????
        What was hurtful was the way he (Tiger)treated his wife and kids and the game of golf…” I couldn’t agree more! I love chicken, fried or otherwise, and my ethnicity has NOTHING to do with it!

      • Who is kissing Tigers ass! How soon you forget. The press dumped on him big time until recently and you apparently are still doing it. Tiger could have made some points with me and a lot of people if he had just said this is no big deal lets forget about it and move on. We have to remember, the press did not make Tiger one of the best golfers ever, he did it all on his own. Sergio is just a hot tempered macho Spaniard lets cut him some slack.

        • CJ Goecks says:

          Robert Kasper,
          Thanks Robert for the blog post. WE have forgiven Tiger or at least some of us have, so I agree that we should forgive Sergio. At the end of the day it is really up to Tiger how hard he wants to push it. Tiger was at the direction of his joke and Tiger said it’s over and let’s talk about golf so let’s do that also.
          Keep em Long and Straight,

    • john barker says:

      I like fried chicken, what does that make me? Maybe Sergio should have asked what adulterers have for dinner and answered accordingly. What a load of absolute nonsense, some people are far too sensitive, they should get a life, there are people in this world with real problem.

  22. Bob Nalleweg says:

    If the same thing were said about a white guy or any other it would be about the menu, the fact that it was Tiger Woods made it sound racist. Since when is fried chicken an african american dish?

  23. Ron Mullard says:

    Hold you hand up if you have ever done or said something that you later regretted (I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t if they are being truthful ) we all are guilty at some time or other but because most of us are not in the public eye it doesn’t get blown up by the media into something bigger than in was.To me it is rather boring listening to tittle tattle which was what happened when you were very young and didn’t know any better not the actions of supposedly mature adults who are supposed to know better

  24. Matthew says:

    Seems to me Tiger Woods has found a distraction from his own infamy and is milking it with the help of the usual mindless Press Hounds to ruin another Professional Colleague. Sergio can afford to buy his oun equipment without relying on American brands.

  25. Gordon Rotchie says:

    You should have better things to do with your time than become involved.

  26. Wilbert says:

    I can’t believe how quickly the media jumps on issues like this and blows them out of proportion. They’re the biggest problem in all this; just in the name of sensationalism. This should be solved privately between Tiger and Sergio.

  27. Bill says:

    I would understand an answer of ” yea, we’ll serve chittlins, black eyed peas, fried okra, and sweet potato pie.” But, fried chicken ??? that was an appropiate answer….99% of America love fried chicken. I’m damn tired of all this POLITIAC CORRECT Bull SHit… that’s why we still have a fraud in the White House. Woods gets prferential tratment all the time. The PGA has given Woods priority treatment….and now Woods feels as he is “above” all rules….it is sickening…!!!

  28. Victor Sasse says:

    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like fried Chicken?
    It’s good any time any where even at a golf outing. Amen

    • Get serious he meant what he said in a demeaning way.He was in the presence of mostly white folks

    • Ron Cooksey says:

      We have Fried Chicken every night we in fact take great pride in our KFC resturant so what is wrong with feeding fried chicken.


      • CJ Goecks says:

        Ron Cooksey,
        Thanks for the blog post. Again this is a topic that is out there and as Tiger said let’s get back to golf.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  29. Djs says:

    First, why is an American journalist(?) asking Garcia on the European Ryder Cup Celebration about personal matters concerning Woods? This question isn’t revealing a great journalist talent, on the contrary.

    Second, Garcia is a golf player – role model or not – he is not supposed to be a trained media expert.

    So basically, he was taken by surprise, made a bad joke in English, and all of a sudden it’s a big disaster in the States. Smells like hypocrisy!

    I think Woods is a big boy (or maybe I should say a big guy… before someone makes a silly interpretation again) and should be able to handle this.

    I strongly believe that Taylor Made is a professional company and will not follow the ridiculous proportions of all this. It would be a bad choice to drop Garcia, and if they do, many – including me – will drop Taylor Made!

    I think it would be best that Golf Channel drops that idiotic journalist(?), and that the players continue in what they are best at.

    For Garcia and other Ryder Cup heroes: job well done at Medinah! Shame that this idiotic American journalist(?) spoiled your well deserved celebration!

    • Let’s be clear Steve Sands asked the question to bait Garcia into being as you say an honest opinion. So Garcia gave a racially charged reply. Garcia will pay the price just as Tiger did when he dealing with his personal marital problem. Unless you think what is good for Tiger is bad for Garcia.

    • tom cranford says:

      Thank you ,….great reply, could not agree more! Seems it was almost a set up question to stir something up ,which it did !

    • Richard says:

      Everyone seems to have such thin skin nowadays and can’t take a joke. You can tell when someone cracks a joke and when someone is trying to be hurtful. I’m Mexican American and I heard every Mexican joke in the book and I can take it but I can also dish it out. And we would be lying if you act like you’ve never cracked a joke that didn’t have the potential to offend or hurt someone.

      • CJ Goecks says:

        Thanks Richard and I agree with you. We have all told a blond joke as well. It wasn’t meant to be hurtful. Let’s get back to golf as Tiger said.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  30. James T. Greene says:

    DRAMA! I wonder why at a European dinner in Europe, a journalist would ask that question. Honey-boo boo, and the Kardasians aren’t enough drama?! Bad form all around, starting with the question, and should have ended with the answer. Alas, it did not. It seems that the media is using the crab pot mentality to bring golf down to the level of NBA, and NFL coverage. What’s next, manditory tatoos and gang affiliations after the first round draft picks? I suppose that since you feel it spectacular enough to cover that the media will get their way. As long as more money comes in it is all good. We all know Golf is not the last bastion of decency for decencies sake, honesty, integrity, and manners. We play to bring drama and change to the game. We need more viewers on the telecasts at all costs. Tradition is over rated. :/

  31. Ken Brown says:

    Tiger is generally treated with kid gloves. His conduct after a bad round is usually boorish and ill-tempered, yet the media always will put up with his cr*p. Give Sergio a break.

    Fried chicken is good…. a lot of restaurants serve it.

  32. Dave Collyer says:

    It was a bad joke. Don’t laugh. Move on.

  33. Alec says:

    How very very childish.Tiger was hurt/What a baby – get a life!!

  34. Ron says:

    CJ, I agree with you. You can have a disagreement with someone without hitting below the belt. Anytime a person has to result to those tactics they show what they truly think about their adversary. Sergio may have apologized but people speak from their hearts, and that what he thinks of Tiger and other black people. He only apologized because he got caught…..

  35. I do not purchase anything frm Taylor Made . However if I did and they drop Garcia for a comment he made about having Tiger over for dinner and serving chicken. I would refuse to by any Taylor Made product .

  36. Jake says:

    Tiger Woods is a “class act”? What a joke. Talk about a petulant, spoiled child. The golfing public tends to put too much value on golf and professional golfers. The public needs to put this latest Sergio/Tiger spat into perspective. Professional golfers are simply people who are proficient in striking a golf ball and hitting the ball into the hole in fewer strokes than everyone else. Who cares what they think or what comments they might make.

  37. Joan Schoettelkotte says:

    Let’s face it, Sergio intended a “colored” joke at Tiger’s expense. Tiger recognized the spirit of the comment, and he didn’t appreciate it. Understood. Their subtle (or not so subtle) incivilty is unpleasant to witness. Let’s move on and try to do better. OK?

  38. Gordon Rushinko says:

    WTG Sergio,

    It is not like you really need to make too much money, or keep the respect of your fans. I am sure you have something to fall back on. I think both you and Tiger should start your new careers as Walmart greeters. You both have lost the respect you worked so hard to build.

  39. Bill says:

    Although Sergio’s comment was clearly inappropriarte, I think it stems more from a lack of maturity than any stereotypical prejudices he might hold. He claims that he doesn’t care what Tiger thinks of him and that probably is true; nonetheless,let’s face it, Tiger really gets under his skin. He can’t get the best of Tiger playing golf or mind games and it makes him angry. His “fried chicken” comment was an unthinking, childish remark by someone who has run out of ways to “get the best” of Tiger.

    I happen to like Sergio and think he is enormously talented. If he could develop more mental toughness, there’s no telling what he could accomplish on the golf course. As a bonus, he would also stop caring about Tiger.

  40. Noble Bowes says:

    I suspect Sergio’s next venture into US golf will be a disaster and he will withdraw after a few holes because he will have a bunch of ignoramuses yelling every time he takes a swing.

  41. Lisbeth H. Jones says:

    Tiger Woods is totally immoral and should not be allowed on a golf course. I am sick of the way the media follows him and praises him all the time. If he were white he would not be catered to like this. Good for Sergio!

  42. Tiger is right He likes fried chicken as well as Lee Vonn.

  43. Tiger handled it to his satisfaction. By the way Leslie Vonn likes fried chicken also.

  44. Dr Buster says:

    Get over such a stupid matter. Sticks and stones. When Tiger takes the Lords name in vain or shouts out with the (F) word and you hear it on TV, or spits like a child, or cheats on his wife and children we kiss his butt and excuse him from all wrong. I don’t even like to watch a tourney when Tiger is playing because the TV announcers make it the Tiger show. When is the media going to include everyone in the tourney with the same respect and air time. I like fried chicken so have me over for dinner. Why don’t we try (media) to stay out of everyone’s personal business. CJ you are supposed to be impartial.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Dr. Buster,
      Thanks Doc for the blog post. I am impartial my friend. I wrote the story and still feel that Sergio made a mistake. I do believe however that sergio is sorry for his comments and that he didn’t really mean ill intentions. he was joking and it was a silly question. I think we are very sensitive to too many things in this world. At the end of day Tiger said let’s put this behind us and I agree with you.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  45. birdy says:

    Its entrapment by a media that is just fishing for a story as usual. Remember tiger is a serial shagger and his reputation is already in tatters. Pc brigade gone mad, #mediahater

  46. Jay Risso says:

    I think we are all too sensitive…political correctness has blown otherwise simple humor into a noteworthy condemnation of the speaker…if we can’t poke fun at ourselves, and others, then we have lost our way…yeah, that was a little insensitive, but it could have been much worse…and now you’re talking about taking away his sponsorships? Too much. Let’s go back to just being civil without worrying about hurting other people’s feelings near as much as we do today. Sometimes it’s hard to say what you want to say because of all the different meanings to everyday words…remember when you could go out and have a gay old time?

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Jay Risso,
      Thanks Jay for the blog post. I agree with you and do not like how we have become over sensitive. I am not sure how this should be handled from a sponsorship issue. The problem is many people do blow this out of proportion. What we should remember here is that Tiger said let’s get back to golf and therefore if he is over it then we should also be.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  47. T. Rasmussen says:

    Sergio obviously made a mistake. However, after all Tiger’s domestic antics in recent years he should take the high road and come to Sergio’s aid by openly and frequently letting us know what a good guy Sergio and asking us all to lift up Sergio…. i.e. ” I value Sergio’s friendship and enjoy his presence on tour, etc etc .” “WE all make mistakes at time”….I look forward to a solid friendship with Sergio, etc ”
    Afterall….. the public has been very forgiving to Tiger.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      T. Rasmussen,
      Thanks T for the blog post. I think Tiger did come to Sergio’s aid in the fact that he said let’s get back to golf. If Tiger is over it then we should be also. these super stars are human and humans make mistakes. We forgave Tiger and we should forgive Sergio just as Tiger has.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  48. Bill Fiddes says:

    Sick to death of the whole sorry saga….
    So sick in fact, I am going to sue KFC for being to blame for providing the chicken in the first place !!!

    What a load of Old Bollox (as we say here in England)
    Tiger Woods should be big enough by now to rise above anything thrown at him…he has been in the game long enough…

    And, I read once, “You can NOT give offense, Only take it.”

    Pathetic…the whole lot of it…

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Bill Fiddes,
      Thanks bill for the blog post. I agree with you, but I do applaud Tiger for diffusing the situation and saying let’s get back to golf. Tiger knows what it is like to be on the other side of the media and the scrutiny. If Tiger is over it then we should be also.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

      • Bill Fiddes says:

        CJ…diffused the situation !!!!
        What situation ???
        Woods, as folks have said, has his own agenda here…
        Sergio was was asked a stupid question, at the wrong time and place…the media guy was goading for exactly that sort of response from him.
        We are coming over for the US Open, and I for one have NO WISH WHATSOEVER to watch or follow Tiger Woods on the course !!! I just could not stand there amongst those idiots that shout “Get in the hole” from a par 5 600 yarder !!! Or “Mashed Potato” WTF is that about ??? If that is the sort of followers he has, then I want no part of it !
        Hopefully there will be some Brits to watch, Donald, Westwood, Rose…you know, the ones who play with no fuss, no drama…
        Please CJ, draw a line under this and move on…

        • CJ Goecks says:

          Bill Fiddes,
          Thanks Bill for the comments and let me be the first to welcome you when you come across to this country. I think the Brits will have a good open with Westwood and Donald. Their games are made for this course. Anyways, my friend I agree with you on drawing a line and moving on to golf.
          Keep em Long and Straight,

    • Ian.macDougall says:

      Tiger Woods did rise above it. He has way more class than Garcia.

  49. Troy Vayanos says:

    I would like to see Tiger and Sergio sit down and work out their differences. We should be talking about the great golf our professionals play rather than off course issues.

    John Daly came out and said the same thing recently and both these guys need to listen to him.


    • CJ Goecks says:

      Troy Vayanos,
      Thanks Troy for the blog post. I agree with you and even Tiger said it. He said let’s get back to golf and that’s what we should do
      Keep em Long and Straight,

    • I am really over Tiger, where was the furore over what he did to Sergio, why does Woods justify special attention like that drop that was illegal should have been disqualified, but no! it’s Tiger two shot penalty.

      So why not all get on the let’s kill of Sergio, a decent person, and we send to where Tiger sent Fuzzy.

      What is the common denominator?

    • ron campling says:

      im sick todeath of it tiger woods is a rule unto himself he runs golf in the usa.should have been chucked out in the masters what about the time he gobbed on the green players had to mark there ball time tiger got his house in order

  50. George says:

    What ever bad taste was left behind by sergios comment to tiger, was so inferior to that that tiger left behind a few months ago . Especially to his wife & kids & to the public. By gones are by gones , they are both professional sportsmen so let them carry on doing what they know best. Taylormade you guys are doing a fantastic job, keep it up the same way Nike did.

  51. Chris Darby says:

    Who Cares!
    Quite frankly I cannot understand someone getting upset about a line that quotes “fried chicken”, does that mean that anyone who eats KFC is potentially at risk of some joke? Tiger is being very precious and he seems to have a terrible memory about what he has done in his personal life to his wife and children. So stick it.
    It would appear that political correctness is going over the top, people call me “baldy” and “tosser” and all sorts of names, who cares, doesn’t change anything.
    Tiger, some advice, get a sense of humour, go deep into your vague memory and think before you speak.
    And Sergio, keep going, don’t be gagged by sensitive petals.

  52. Thom Austin says:

    Tiger has put up with untold racist comments (even during play) since his amatuer years that most of us have NEVER heard, nor could have endured ourselves..Sergio is a PUNK..RACIST comments are NOT appropriate..and he INTENDED THE COMMENT TO BE RACIST..if your ignoring that then your as pathetic as Sergio..Tigers transgressions were DOMESTIC and MOST of the world was ready (if not happy) to discover his flaw..but it was STILL domestic..Sergio’s was an attack on an ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP..and his punishment should have been the same as Fuzzy’s and Imus’s.

    • I am an Englishman and if it was suggested my foes would serve me Yorkshire pudding and roast beef I wouldn’t be offended , I also like curry by the way and possibly fried chicken as long as it’s not KFC
      I think the backlash for Sergio will be increased support not less, he could have said something really awful, political correctness gone mad! Get back to Golf.

  53. Ken Banks says:

    It is about time we start focusing on the root cause to most if these issues, The Media, they start something ie The stupid question, and then sit back and blow it out of proportion. The Media need to start taking responsibilty.

    • Louis Mabry says:

      I agree. Tiger is a great golfer but the media and golf fans have fallen all over themselves trying to please him. I seem to remember a huge rock that he was behind in one of the desert tournaments many years ago where 4 or 5 men moved the boulder so he could play toward the green.I can’t see where that big rock could be considered a loose impediment. I like fried chicken and agree that the media started the latest trouble.

      • CJ Goecks says:

        Louis Mabry,
        Thanks for the blog post Louis. I agree with you on the media and even the question being asked was really a setup for this whole thing.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  54. Brad Miller says:

    We all know how Tiger is going to handle this, he will simply destroy him the next time they are paired together, and in my opinion that’s exactly how it should be. The next time they are paired, and don’t be surprised if it’s in the US Open, it won’t be Tiger who will be nervous.

  55. I don’t see any harm with Garcia’s comment, shows how precious some people can get with a comment. Woods is not exactly the person a lot think of him as being the Mr Goody two shoes. Tiger only thinks of himself most of the time and has an attitude problem. Think of how he disposed of his previous Caddy.He has not lived he wants to get a proper MANS job instead of being bedded in cotton wool and having his head in the clouds..

  56. Dr. Luka Abe says:

    Tiger could have chosen to ignore Sergio in all these! Then he would have been called arrogant. His fans often demand a response which he gave. In this case lets try to stick to the issues at hand and not divert to Tiger’s alleged infidelity or indiscretions since he did not start this whole argument. He paid his dues in his difficult times and has now returned to what he does best; and which all we golfers admire. Sergio is going to have to learn to be considerate, respectful and forgiving; and not recklessly blame a player for picking a club (an action that aroused a crowd) and for which the crowd should take the blame and not him!

    Tiger makes the game exciting for the fans; and rewarding for the sponsors who bring us the game

  57. Donal says:

    Why is this such a big issue? This story is being ramped up simply to distract from Woods’ much more serious lapse from acceptable standards in recent tournaments. And the sad part is that it has worked for him.

    Its about time the media focused its attention on ensuring that the unique selling points of golf, honesty and integrity, are not sacrificed in Woods’ headlong rush to dominate our game by whatever means possible.

  58. Tom says:

    I cannot stand the whole thing anymore. CJ, you are a great teacher. Stick to your lessons. Don’t comment on political correctness! If every player immediatly loses his sponsor contract after talking some bullshit, we will only have Martin Kaymers left in this game. Pale, streamlined, PR-consulted, boring nice-guys. Have you ever noticed that all the rookies on the tour look as if they were made in the same lab from an identical gene pool?
    Greetings from Germany, Tom

    • Ken says:

      I agree. These silly squables belong on the rag papers and have nothing to do with golf. They are petty and insignificant and show that both players have an arogance and fantasy concerning there own importance. what they can do on the course is all that is important, otherwise they should quit golf and join the hollywood set. How do you think Hogan,Sarinson,Nelson and sneed would view this crap. both should shut up and get back to the frigin game.

    • Patty says:

      CJ, I’m disappointed by your comments about Tiger and Sergio. I certainly don’t find “fried chicken” to be a racist acronym. I lived in the south for several years and love fried chicken. There are so many foods identified with so many cultures, like pizza, tacos, grits, etc. that I fail to understand anything insulting about “fried chicken”. If the black population thinks it is racist, then they need to “get a life”. I’ve been called red, freckle face, etc. due to my Irish background, and at one time the Irish were discriminated against in this country. They got over it. If any nationality can claim discrimination in this country its American Indians still living on reservations.

      • CJ Goecks says:

        thanks Patty for your comments. I am sorry I disappointed you with my comments. I am simply trying to keep my readers informed. I did give my opinion about how I feel yes. I do think that people have gotten too sensitive in this world, but Sergio did say what he said and he made it as a racial slur. I really don’t think Sergio meant it in a hurtful way and I personally feel his apologies were sincere. I also think Tiger knows his apologies were sincere and that is why Tiger said we need to get back to playing golf. WE need to all move beyond this.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

    • Polly says:

      I agree that it is to the point of being ridiculous. If you listened to what Sergio first said he said he was upset about his hit when he heard the roar of the crowd but he also said that he was sure that Tiger didn’t realize what had happened and it was not intentional. The MEDIA is the one that really started it going. And as Brandel said on the Golf Channel, all Tiger had to do was apologize for what happened and it would have been over. That’s what others would have done. Why are you jumping on the bandwagon also??

      • CJ Goecks says:

        thanks Polly for the post. I do not feel like I am jumping on the bandwagon. I did write the story and have my opinions on what I think may happen. I personally like Sergio and his charisma on the course and I hope at this point we can do what Tiger wants and simply get back to golf.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

  59. Henry says:

    Sergio did state at the Players that it is “no rocket science” that he hates Tiger and he went on to play one of his Worst games landing on water twice on par three. He should expect more trouble. He better watch his words. But I doubt if his sponsors will quit.

    • Sergio certainly has the right to like or dislike anyone that
      he wishes, and you have the right to either agree or
      disagree. Not only with his choice of friends, but also
      with what he says. If this world becomes any more
      poitically correct, people will be afraid to open their
      mouths to give an opinon on anything. Everyone has
      to scrutinize (nit pick) what others say. As far as I
      remember, this is still a land of free speech, and
      although you may not agree with everything you hear,
      I can damn well assure you that it is better than the
      alternative. If you do not like this fact , then go live in
      a country where you can be imprisoned for your comments.
      Life is tough, lets face it. There are difficult times in ones
      life, much more difficult than just having to live with what
      someone said. If you can not handle what people say
      about you, then I can again assure you that you will never
      survive in the real world. Get over it people, you are not
      still 6-8 years old, or are you ????? Man up, quit being
      such a bunch of pussys.

  60. john says:

    Dear Golfers.Let the two golfers and their sponsors settle this issue.All of you clean up your own divots , and enjoy the beautiful game.

  61. Pat McGrath says:

    If Tiger wanted to really take the High ground and prove himself a “gentleman of golf” he would have done so at the Masters and He certainly would not have pulled a club out of his bag as his opponent was in the process of just hitting his shot – he has been quite irate previously about spectator cameras – sauce for goose – sauce for gander – as they say – but then loose morals – loose principals – not much difference really – only a matter of perspective.

    • Ronald Jenkins says:

      Bravo , mcgrath. Tiger was just being a jerk by pulling his club at that moment. I was never a tiger fan .But after the beatdown by his wife(deserved) he had to fight his way back to the top .! And now i actually like to watch him play now.weird

  62. Harold says:

    Get over it Tiger. I know you’re REALLY hurt. No one likes you and this will only add to the dislike.

  63. Michael Brady says:

    I don’t even remember what the original issue is between Tiger and Sergio, but the comment made by Sergio is considered to have racial conitations. Tiger has made it quiet clear on a previous occasion that this type of comment is offensive to him and if that is the case why do people publicly made racial comments about him. I am NOT a Tiger fan but I don’t consider that racial comments should be made about him. Over the last couple of years there has been plently of Tiger bashing ammunition that could be used without being racial.

  64. Jojo says:

    Tom (from Germany), you are absolutely right. I cannot agree more!
    CJ, you run a swing advice site and embarrass yourself by trying to turn it to a forum for debating on what is or is not appropriate behavior for touring pros.
    Sergio has always been one of my favourite players to watch because of his human entertainment value and unusual but effective swing which amazes me every single time I watch him play.
    Sergio tried to make a (unfunny) joke and fell flat on his face. Yes, he realised his mistake and apologized immediately, humbly and profusely. End of story.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Thanks Jojo for the comments. I agree that Sergio mad a very distasteful joke, but if you look at my comments I said I have always liked Sergio. That still doesn’t excuse him from the comment though. Also I do not feel embarrassed in the least for keeping my students informed on what is happening in the golf world. This is my job and I feel blessed to have it. I also am in agreement with Tiger when he said let’s get back to golf.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

      • MEL says:

        We are really only interested in your golf instructions, keep them coming and leave the Tiger and Sergio stuff to the guys and gals on the Golf Channel.

    • jose' says:

      I agree that Sergio’s statement was out of line, especially in the USA, where “fried chicken” has Southern and racial overtones. Sergio does not have this in his cultural DNA. Nevertheless, he later realized his mistake and apologized sincerely.

    • Golfinator Digdon says:

      Listen JOJO, I’m not a racist and I don’t think you are one either but just the fact that we think Sergio was wrong in his comment means we think he was referring to black people. Why would we jump to that conclusion? What do you think is wrong with us? Also am I black or white? Don’t chicken out–answer me!

      • CJ Goecks says:

        Golfinator Digdon,
        Thanks for the blog post, but I think we have moved on from this discussion. Tiger said we should get back to golf and I think that we should do just that.
        Keep em Long and Straight,

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