Masters Mini Clinic Chipping

Short Side Chipping

Welcome back to this weeks “Masters” mini-clinic where I’m sharing tips and techniques to overcome golf related challenges the field will be facing this week in Augusta.

In today’s golf lesson I’ve missed the green short side and am left with a very fast downhill slope to the hole. This shot comes with a high degree of difficulty, but I have simple tip on how to manage this situation.

Check out the video below.

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5 comments on “Masters Mini Clinic Chipping
  1. Ian Mahoney says:

    Great stuff,
    I was just wondering about how to line the club square to the ball at address. When you are at address and look at the top of the club the angle is completely different to the bottom .Could you please advise me how best to line the face with the ball.
    Thank you
    Ian M.

  2. Stacy Brown says:

    I use my 3 wood for these shots…much easier…

  3. Peter Jones says:

    HI Cj,
    Just got your Perfect Connection Traing Aid Big Inpact After Receiving the Perfect Connection Training aid I play off and 8 h/cap first Day Shot 75 Off Club Tees Then Shot 78 Off Champship tees watch dvds all the time mates good belive the vast improvements, been practiceing really well,even been asked to play with a scratch player in this weeks club foursomes champs


  4. terry bertrand says:

    I use my 7 wood to particulate the verticularities vis a vis the frozen assets

  5. Barry Goldfarb says:

    Will you please provide video clinic on pitching?
    I have several of your signature
    discs and I cannot find one lesson on pitching.
    Thank you
    Barry Goldfarb

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