Masters Mini Clinic Putting

Putting Tips for Lightning Fast Greens

In celebration of the Masters I’ve put together a 3 day Mini-Clinic breaking down three shots the field must have at Augusta this week.

In today’s clinic, I give you a simple putting tip on how to deal with lightning fast greens and slippery putts. You know, putts that can “get away” and turn into a three… sometimes four putt if things really go bad.

Watch the instruction video below.

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4 comments on “Masters Mini Clinic Putting
  1. wayne smith says:

    Excellent putting tip CJ. I consider myself a decent putter, but with this tip I might even transition to an excellent putter. Thanks again CJ.

  2. Randy Miller says:

    CJ, you address the ball off the toe of your putter, but you hit the ball in the center. You kook at it and you will notice that the ball came off the center of the putter.

  3. Bud says:

    My pick for The Masters is Phil Mickleson. I’m sure he will be primed right for the Green Jacket. Bud

  4. gr8 tip! when i was a highschool golfer my team attended a demo with lee trevino and ch-chi..they both showed us that tip and i still use it to this day

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