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Eliminate Low Back Pain from Your Golf Swing

“Hey cj thank you for your response to my letter I can’t wait to show my friends you are their favorite online coach. I can’t wait to get your signature series thank you very much. You have helped me so much already all my friends said that with all my back surgeries that I would never be able to start playing golf. At age 51 and all that I have learned from you so far I can’t wait to go and play on a real course. I can’t believe that I really have zero pain anywhere, using the perfect connection golf swing. It truly is perfect!!!!!” Thanks bob

I received this message from Bob the other day and wanted to discuss the importance of the Perfect Connection Golf Swing from the idea of eliminating back pain. The Perfect Connection Golf Swing was founded on the principles of the most common sources of pain amongst golfers today, what causes them, and how do we eliminate them, while still providing a swing that is effective.

putting an end to back painIn regards to back pain the number one source of low back pain in a golfer is the reverse tilt. What typically causes back pain in golfers is the setup position. The Perfect Connection Swing emphasizes that the right hip must be lower than the left for right-handed golfers. This is important because the right hand is lower on the club and therefore your shoulders are slightly pitched because of this. If you do not lower your right hip than you pre-set an improper curve in the spine that sets the player up for a reverse tilt. Amateur golfers will then swing back and typically try to keep their head still and will also lift their arms to the top. What this promotes is a shift toward the ball during their backswing with their upper body. From this position a player has no choice, but to allow their head to work away from the ball in the downswing, which will cause two main issues. First, it causes a players back to be in a reverse C position which will put way too many shear forces on the spine and this will cause injury. The tight lower back is a symptom of the muscles tightening up to act as a splint to protect the lower back from further injury. The other cause of the head working back is a loss of lag and it causes the club to hit up on the ball. As any golfer knows hitting up on the ball is a great way to cause inconsistency and lack of power. There is not one shot in golf we try to hit up on the ball and therefore if your body is moving away from the ball you will lose not only power and consistency, but also put your body in a high risk for injury.

To eliminate pain in your lower body and lower back we want to get rid of the reverse tilt and teach you the all important triple-stack position, which is the proper impact position to eliminate pain and add consistency in your golf swing.

I cover all these important positions in my Signature Series Dvd. You will Learn the Perfect Connection-Set up, Take away, Triple Stack Position and The L to L Position. This swing not only saves your golf game, but adds Power & Accuracy. I encourage you to grab your copy right now… http://perfectconnectiongolfswing.com/signature-series

Keep em long and Straight,


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