John Senden Golf Swing Analysis

The finishing 3 holes at Innisbrook are called the “Snake Pit”, but that didn’t stop John Senden from going Birdie, Birdie, Par and winning the Valspar Championship on Sunday.  This ended a 7 year plus drought for John.  The two Birdies in the last 3 holes includes a 70 yard chip-in on 16, and a 20 foot Birdie make on 17.  Congrats John.  Now let’s have a look at the swing that helped him win.

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8 comments on “John Senden Golf Swing Analysis
  1. Greg Hill says:

    Thanks, CJ! Should John stay connected throughout his swing with “Both” the right arm & left arm Or just one or the other? Also, should he hinge his left wrist & rotate his left forearm immediately in the backswing? Thanks!


    • CJ Goecks says:

      Greg Hill,
      Thanks Greg for the question. I think what your asking is more of a personal feel. Remember connected does not mean glued to the body. In regards to the hinge and rotate I would have him feel as if he is brushing his right leg with the butt end of the club at the start. That will get his hands a little more to the inside and then he can hinge the club and rotate his arms.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  2. Charles says:

    Great explanation of the two “planes” involved in the swing. I’ve never seen that illustrated before. Staying within those two planes makes so much sense.

    Thank you.

    C D Kowalski

  3. albert ruth says:

    In the Senden analysis, it was mentioned that professional golfers want to “keep the club in front of them”. What does that mean?

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