How to Set Up for a Chip Shot

There is a very good chance you can take 10 shots off your short-game.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

And believe it or not, I’ll be able to tell just by looking at your set-up.

Take a look at today’s video to see what I mean…

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12 comments on “How to Set Up for a Chip Shot
  1. Ramon says:

    I purchased a “burner” driver and also a tryed a Big bertha Diablo with big heads but I could not hit the ball as far as with my “old” Tileist driver 12 years old, medium head… why is that. I’m 70 years old, 12 HDCP but with “big heads” I can not get same speed, normaly I get 170/180 yds with my old one why is that?? i hate big head drivers…..


    • Jon MCkesson says:

      Ramon…check the weight of your old club against the new club. Which is lighter? I’m betting the old club. If not, does the new club alter your address? Checker out.

  2. Eric says:

    hi CJ, thanks for the info great stuff , working thru your short game series. please advise what is the best wedge to use when doing the 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard pitching drill, is it the 60 degree or the 56 degree, I have found using the 60 degree i sometimes catch it a bit fat

    • CJ Goecks says:

      thanks for the question Eric. It really doesn’t matter which club you use. I use the 60, but its your choice. Two possible reasons for the fat shot. Not turning through with your chest or your bounce on your 60 is not enough. Try the right foot back drill and see if that helps first and then let me know. We will figure this out together.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  3. Sean Stanistreet says:

    Hi CJ,

    Do you have any tips for me to improve my greenside chipping?


    • CJ Goecks says:

      Sean Stanistreet,
      Thanks Sean for the question. have you seen my short game DVD. Without any info from you it is next to impossible to give you any information. Let me know if you have seen the Short game Series as I am extremely proud of this DVD and I know it will help you.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  4. walt kilby says:

    I have a problem keeping my left arm straight/chicken wing

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Walt Kilby,
      Thanks Walt for the post. have you watched my signature series? I go over this in depth, but the L to L drill will fix your problem.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  5. Richard Howard says:

    What is the difference in your stance for a chip shot versus a pitch shot and at what distance or circumstance do you change this???

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Richard Howard,
      Thanks Richard for the post. The stance is exactly the same for a chip and a pitch shot. Your stance will get wider when you start to lose balance and the longer the pitch the less your weight will have to be on your left side. there is no distance figure that works for everyone. It really depends on how good your technique is and how far you can hit it with a narrow stance and stay in control. Does this make sense?
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  6. Jim Nowak says:

    Great tip-Did you hear Brandel Chamblee discuss the coaching that Tiger,mahan and Rose are getting from Sean foley-it sounded like one of your CDs

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Jim Nowak,
      Thanks Jim for the blog post and I didn’t hear that but thanks for the kind words. Let me know if you need any help.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

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