How to Draw Greens

Drawing greens is a trick that you will often see pro level caddys doing.

They do this so they can make the best possible club selection recommendation.

Because, as we’ve been talking about, proper club selection can result in lower scores.

Check out today’s video to see how I would draw a green:

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6 comments on “How to Draw Greens
  1. Rob Howse says:

    Any PC Golf Swing Pros in Australia?

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Rob Howse,
      Thanks for the interest in the Perfect Connection Golf Swing Rob. I am sorry to tell you that currently there are no PC Golf pros in Australia, but that is why we created the Platinum insiders club. In this club you get access to videos that have not been released, as well as all the DVD’s that we have made. Also as a member you get to upload your swing to me and have it analyzed. I will send the swing back with lines drawn on the screen and show you exactly what to do to fix your issues and we will be working on this for as long as your a member. This is a great program because you get to speak with me personally just like I do with Tour players. I hope to see you in the Platinum club soon.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  2. CJ,

    Thanks for putting this video together. This has to be the best golf tip video I’ve seen a very long time. I’m trying to hit more greens in regulations and by taking your advice and sketching out each green it should help me visualize where to hit it – and where to miss it.


    • CJ Goecks says:

      Pinehurst Golfer,
      Thanks buddy for your comments and let me know if this helps you in your game. keep me informed.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  3. Alberto says:

    Hi CJ,

    Great tip about draiwng greens and it makes all the sens in the world, since sometimes you simply cannot see the dangers from 150 yds. Course designers have become very adept at tricking you visually.

    Howver, am also slightly confused. In this video it seems that you are advocating going for the hole. However, this to me seems to be a high risk strategy. A slight fade shot to the green and you’re in the bunker or long grass.

    Also, in my opinion, it would be only advisable for very solid ball strikers, don’t you think?

    It just seems to me to be far more sensible and better course management to go for the middle of the green and then proceed to try a birdie putt. If it fails, you have the par. As the pro’s say, sometimes you have to be patient, even if it means not attacking a pin position for 12 holes or more.

    Any comments?

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Thanks Alberto for the question and I am glad you were able to understand the video and it got you thinking. Take the info that I gave you and yes, apply it to your handicap level. We should be looking for center of the green more often and giving us opportunities for birdies and at worse case scenarios pars.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

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