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We have a guest post from Jim McCleery and McGolf Custom Clubs

In my first and second video blog I talk about the grip, not the grip that Cj would talk about placing on the golf club but the actual grips you have “on your” clubs.

In many of Cj’s videos the grip is the first thing he talks about and why not. It’s the only thing that connects you to the club. Once you have determined the proper grip placementyou need to move to selecting the proper grips for your game.

At McGolf, Robin and I use the criteria below to put the proper grip on the club for thegolfer’shighest confidence.

First is the proper grip size. Most golfers are fit using the left hand (for righties) matching the middle two fingers to the pad of the hand. You should be just touching the middle fingers to the pad. A little open or closed is not bad as long as you are comfortable. Unfortunately that is only half of the fit. You need to fit BOTH hands in the same fashion. The right hand middle fingers need to be touching the pad of that hand. Sometimes you will find that the thumb of the lead hand is in the way. Ifit does then the fingers should be just touching the thumb for the proper fit.

As most of you have noticed when looking for new grips or looking at new clubs, each grip feels a bit different. That is in part due to the taper of the grip. It can make the grip feel big or small based on the taper. This is also helpful when selecting a grip. Golfers with wider fingers may find a grip with a lot of taper more comfortable where a golfer with longer fingers will enjoy a grip less taper. Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Next is the texture, this is a personal preference and usually goes hand in hand with durometer of the grip or the firmness of the grip. We have found that golfers with quick rhythms prefer firm grips and golfers with slower rhythms like softer grips. Texture and tackiness usually go together. Texture is best described as the pattern of the grip where tackiness is the “sticky” part of the grip”. For some, a grip with more tack and even an exaggerated texture will give an overall feel that a strong grip pressure is not needed and allow for a proper grip pressure and then allowing the hands to work as Cj shows us. Both texture and “stick” are considerations depending on the environment you will be playing in most like high humidity, rain, desert like conditions, if your hands sweat or even the cold.

Lastly and sometime the most important is the color. Golfers are very visual people and can be distracted or attracted to the golf club. I have had to change grips because a golfer was too busy noticing the color of the grip to truly concentrate on the golf swing.

Some other considerations outside our fitting process are medical issue such as arthritis, larger and softer grips are needed to allow for the needed grip pressure and reduce the vibration to the hands.Missing digits may require a particular buildup of the grip to maintain comfortable grip pressure. If you find yourself in between sizes a grip can be made larger with an extra layer or two of tape.

Finally, a grip should inspire confidence. When a golfer has a good feeling when he or she picks up a club then good swing usually follow and scores good lower.

Jim McCleery and Robin Mccleery are the owners and operators of McGolf Custom Clubs in Waverly Ohio. Jim is the last International Clubmaker of the year with the professional clubmakers society and the first top 100 club fitter named by Golf Digest. He is also a founding member of the International clubmakers guild. Along with multiple regional awards and certifications Jim brings his experience to providing the best fit of golf equipment possible. Visit for more info.

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