Glove Under the Armpit Drill… For Greater Control

Is the club too far behind you?

It may be the reason you are struggling with control.

This is a common fault found in both amateurs and pros.

If you struggle controlling your short irons this is a video you need to watch.

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best wishes – Scott Houston.

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  1. neil says:

    Hiya, i’m having trouble connecting on the downswing, I can connect on the backswing but I think I may be going up to steep,also I seem to lose the connection on the downswing,and seem to be rushing what am I doing wrong. Help!!

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Losing connection on the downswing? use the towel under the armpits and that will help. Throw your swing on video and take a look. Feel and real are two different things so looking at your swing will make it easier. Please keep me informed and let me know if the towel drill helps. Talk to you soon.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  2. Stephen Fabrick says:

    I saw many of your tips on line, and I use many of them.

    Some of these tips I have already used because of my physical condition. I am retired from the military. I incurred a back injury doing PT in the military.

    When I played 18 holes of golf, I ended up spending three days in bed recovering. The person running the Stutgart Military Golf course showed me away to play without pain, and it worked. . . for the most part.

    Since then I adpted my game and lowered my score from the low 90s to the upper 80s. Over the years I was down to the low 80s to upper 70s.

    Unfortunately, I was forced to take a five-year layoff because of contracting Shingles of the face and three knee surgeries, including a knee replacement. I am past that now and back to playing golf as much as I can.

    Your video clips have helped. Specifically watching your swing among other tips. For this I thank you.

    Continue with the good work.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Stephen Fabrick,
      Thank you Stephen for the update. I am glad to hear that the swing has helped you. Please keep me informed on your progress.
      “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

      Keep em Long and Straight,

  3. Barry Aitchison says:

    Hey C.J. how are you? Just wanted you to know that I read every single email you send and I have watched every one of your videos, some of them more than once. Spring is not far off here in Ontario Canada (2 more months). I want to order you signature series program now and take advantage of your great discount but I’m still waiting for news from you that yo have a left-handed version. I chatted with you on one of your live programs and you thought the lefhanded version might be ready by January of this year but I haven’t heard anything yet. Is it ready yet? Thanks C.J. for evrything that you are doing and keep up the good work “rebel”.

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Barry Aitchison,
      Thanks for the question Barry. The left handed version is not available yet. I am scheduled to do some more videos in early march. I plan on shooting the left handed version. Please call Damon and he will take care of you. I think for the left handers if you buy the signature series and then want the left handed version you will only pay shipping. Thanks for your support of the rebelution. Talk to you soon.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  4. ian ferguson says:

    Hi CJ, i have had your signature series for 2 weeks now, i have watched it and gone out in the back yard and practiced my new swing,i went out to the golf course yesterday and tried the new swing out, i seem to be hitting straighter with my irons but early days yet as my memory sometimes cuts in and i find myself twisting back with the old habits, i am sure with a half dozen games and a bit more swing practice i will be hitting more consistently ,however i am still driving my old way which consists of draw/pull/fade/slice/straight,yes a bit of variety there, my question is do i do the same swing principals as i am using for my iron shots that you have shown with the perfect connection swing.

    cheers ian ferguson
    Hamley Bridge South Australia

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Ian Ferguson,
      Thank you Ian for your support of Perfect Connection and thank you for joining my rebelution. You definitely have some variety with your driver. In regards to the driver the setup is different, but the swing is the same. Please don’t worry about the swing as much with the driver. Practice with the irons and that will work. Obviously because of the length of the driver the club won’t hinge quite as fast and the club will be swung a touch flatter, but like I said practice with the irons, change your setup with the driver and let the swing technique blend in. In my DRiver DVD I go over this setup, plus give tips on increasing your distance, working the ball, having a go-to shot under pressure and much more. Let me know how I can help. Talk to you soon.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

  5. Mark says:

    Very basic drill and isn’t the true purpose of the drill to work on backswing connection

    You imply that this drills primary purpose is work on follow through ?????

    • CJ Goecks says:

      Thanks for the question. It depends on where you put the glove. If you put it under right arm pit you work on backswing connection. If you put it under left armpit your working on rotating the left arm properly, connection, and speed.
      Keep em Long and Straight,

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