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Stop Your Slice

Stop Your Slice and other Swing Faults with one Simple Drill – L to L A major swing flaw for amateur golfers is the slice.  One drill that helps correct that flaw is my L to L drill.  It is

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Golf Grip Fundamentals

Grip it to Rip it. I good golf shot starts with a good grip.  Grip fundamentals are one of the most important factors in determining, accuracy, distance, and solid play, and also preventing injury.

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Improve Your Short Game – Chipping

No one hits 100% of Greens in Regulations, so a solid short game including a strong chipping component can mean the difference between double bogey and par. Watch this video to learn how to get up and down more frequently

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Bunker Shot Basics

One of the shots in golf that most golfers consider to be highly difficult is the bunker shot.  The reality is the bunker shot can be simple and you can escape safely each time if you follow some basic techniques.

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Let The 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs Begin

The 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs are underway this week at Liberty National and the top 10 thru the Wyndham Championship are as follows: Tiger has won more than anyone this year, but he failed for the fifth straight season to

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PGA Championship Week

Wow! What an exciting time for the game of golf. We almost witnessed InBee Park become the first golfer to win four straight majors in the same season at last weeks Women’s British Open. And Tiger flirts with 59 on

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Golf Grip Talk with McGolf Custom Golf Clubs

We have a guest post from Jim McCleery and McGolf Custom Clubs In my first and second video blog I talk about the grip, not the grip that Cj would talk about placing on the golf club but the actual

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The Road to Mesquite

Episode 1

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