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Choosing The Right Club

Ask an amateur golfer what part of their game needs the most work, and there is a very good chance they will tell you their short game.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download And I think part of it

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How to Develop a Par 5 Strategy

Having a solid par 5 strategy is key to shooting lower scores. But it’s not always easy to determine exactly how you should attack the greens. Watch today’s video to find out my par 5 strategy secret.Watch Full Movie Online

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How to Draw Greens

Drawing greens is a trick that you will often see pro level caddys doing. They do this so they can make the best possible club selection recommendation. Because, as we’ve been talking about, proper club selection can result in lower

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To “Tee” or Not to “Tee”

I get asked this question a lot and its an important one. I see so many golfers making a mistake with this. Just watch this super quick video and and I explain it in under 2 mins… đŸ™‚ Watch Full

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Choosing a Putter…

Many of my students struggle deciding what equipment to buy. There are a lot of options and the latest and greatest claims out there so how do you sort through it all? It’s not easy and technology does change quite

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Student Golf Swing Analysis

Take a look at the below golf swing analysis video and the improvement my student experienced after submitting his swing to me for analysis. In this video, you will see I compare his technique to the legendary Tiger Woods.Watch Full

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Bobby Wilson hits 423 yard drive!

Yes, that’s not a typo.   The 2013 World Long Drive Championships are underway and Bobby made his presence known on day 1 with a 423 yard drive.  That’s right, my dear friend is getting it done in a big

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Two Dreaded Shots

In today’s video I’ll give you a few quick tips to help you hit 2 of the most dreaded shots in golf…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download And when we’re finished, you’ll be armed and ready to take

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Extension Drill: Eliminate Top Shots

I see this shot a lot in golf… and it’s not good. But the Top Shot can be avoided easily as long as you concentrate on proper extension. Check out today’s drill to start working on it when you get

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Let The 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs Begin

The 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs are underway this week at Liberty National and the top 10 thru the Wyndham Championship are as follows: Tiger has won more than anyone this year, but he failed for the fifth straight season to

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