Adam Scott Golf Swing Analysis

It looked like Adam Scott was well on the way to winning this weekend. He was hitting the ball really well, and had a big lead. And since I was traveling to one of our Perfect Connection Golf Swing LIVE events in Palm Springs CA, I didn’t get to see Matt Every persevere to win his first PGA event. Congratulations to Matt, but today we are still going to look at Adam and see how he was so successful for most of the weekend. Look for a Matt Every video later this week.

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3 comments on “Adam Scott Golf Swing Analysis
  1. Nelson says:

    I like the video analysis of Adam Scott. Do you have one for Steve Stricker’s simple golf swing? Steve’s swing looks easier to emulate for us average older folks. Please post one . Thx much.

  2. Fritz says:

    CJ-It almost appears that Adam is pre-loaded on his right leg at take away.
    With that “pillar” set, his motion becomes simple. Wow, his lower body is really
    quiet. Imbee Park is the same story: quiet lower body, and kills it in her short game.

    Do you have any thoughts about pre-loading the “pillar”?
    OK to do with short irons?

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