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I played golf at University of North Texas and while there I got injured (left wrist). I couldn’t pick up a driver. When I graduated I was blessed with the opportunity to go work for David Leadbetter. David was number 1 instructor in world at that time and I became a certified Instructor for him. From there I went on to work for Jim Mclean who was the #3 instructor in world. Shortly thereafter I teamed up with Adam Schriber (Anthony Kim’s teacher) and we formed an academy with Jeff Troesch. After that I became Director of Instruction at TPC Craig Ranch. While here I started an academy with Dr. Troy Van Biezen and Damon Goddard which with the motion golf 3d analysis I really was able to study the swing with these guys and learn about the causes of injury in the golf swing.

Why is it a safer swing.

Because I specifically target the 5 most common injury areas and specifically create drills or setups that prohibit poor motion in these areas.

Whats the PCGS Swing

The PCGS swing is a golf swing that is centered around the amateur golfer. It understands that professional swings are not attainable by most golfers and works within the limitations of most people. This is a shorter swing than what people think of as a swing and gives each individual the luxury of tailoring the swing to their body. We use shoulder plane like the long driver hitters and several pga tour players. We teach the proper release, but most importantly proper setup and key in on areas that golfers typically get injured and avoid that motion.

What is the goal of swing.

To create a simple easy to use swing that is effective, easy to reproduce and work on their own, and limits the possibility of injury

What can an amateur expect?

A simple swing that is easy to learn and effective enough to play golf at the highest level. Simple drills and easy to understand fixes. They can expect to be able to understand their golf swing and fix it themselves if things go wrong.

What is Body-Friendly?

Body friendly is simply stating that we target the 5 most common areas of injury for golfers and create a swing that eliminates and focuses on eliminating injury first while creating a swing that is effective to use.

Why will it hit farther and longer?

This swing will create more length due to the shoulder plane which allows the body to create more power and allows the body to turn more easily through the golf swing. Also people have a certain swing that their body is entailed to. Some are shaft planers some are elbow planers and some are shoulder planers. It is impossible to swing below your natural plane, but you can always swing above your natural plane, so this works for every golfer.

How will I drop shots?

Because this swing is easy to teach (only a few fundamental drills) and the swing is simple enough to create consistency. With consistency and easiness this makes the golf swing easy to fix and reproduce.

What is students role?

To watch the videos and understand the golf swing. They must then understand the areas that they do wrong and work specifically on that area until better before moving on to the next area. If you have questions they need to ask CJ on the blog and he will get them fixed. Again the role is to work patiently on the range and work on the areas of the swing that are outlined in the videos

What is it going to take for student to improve?

Watching the videos and understanding what areas of their golf swing they need to improve. I explain ball flight and fixes to that. The drills are very simple to work on and simply working on those drills will have them improving.

Why will students improve using this method?

Very simply because I understand the golf swing. There are great instructors out there, but there are a lot of bad ones that do not understand the idea of cause and effect. This swing is laid out very simply from fundamentals to the golf swing and the golf swing can be learned with two drills…L to L drill and table top drill for the most part. Also this swing does not try to get anyone to swing under their natural swing path so everyone can do it.

What are some typical results you see?

Honestly I was shocked at just how many people were writing in and learning the swing the very next day. Simple drills that people can work on. I have had people tell me how they have reduced pain in their body and they can go out and enjoy this game again. Typically I have seen about 8-10 shot reduction in scores from people within a month.

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