2 Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

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Golf course architects lay out course maps from point A to point B. With my game, golf never seems that easy. I enjoy the scenery of the golf course and have had to curve my way around and through trees to save my pars and save my score.

We have all seen Tiger hit some of the most miraculous shots in golf. Some of them are out of fairway bunkers, through trees, around trees, over trees, etc. The single most important factor to remember is he doesn’t just hit those on the course. He experiments with them first in practice. It’s essential for all beginners to experiment with these two golf shots so they can learn to curve the ball.

Swing Tips for Beginners

The key to curving shots is practice. I have golf tips on two ways to curve shots. First, pretend your hands are on a steering wheel and your hands are at the 9 and 3 o’clock. Now turn the car to the left and let your right arm cross over your left. This is the feel through impact that you want to achieve to hit a draw which will fly from right to left.

course management on the golf course

To hit a fade, just simply turn the car to the right and let your left arm cross over your right. This is the feeling through impact to hit a fade. Sam Snead would tell players that he just “felt” the draw or fade shot and this picture demonstrates what he was talking about.

The second way to curve shots is slightly more technical. Aim your body where you want the ball to start and aim your clubface where you want the ball to finish. What I want to see my players do is first set up like they are going to hit the ball straight.

If there are any problems at this point it is that people will aim right or left and will keep the clubface normal. Understand you must have the face open or closed depending on the shot. You should be able to curve the ball at will now. Don’t be afraid to try a little bit of the first method to feel what your arms do through impact. This will help you figure out if you need to hit more of a draw or fade.

golf swing

Golf was designed to be played from the fairway and from point A to B, but we all know that we will hit wayward shots from time to time. Go to the range and practice hitting some curving shots so you can hit the great escape shots like Tiger.

Keep em Long and Straight,

CJ Goecks

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  1. Troy Vayanos says:

    Great advice CJ, this makes a lot of sense.

    I remember reading last year when Bubba won the US Masters that he practised curving the golf ball in either direction regularly at the practice range. I think one of the commentators saw him trying to hit big hooks and slices on the range before a tournament started.

    Practice makes perfect!

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